Monday, 9 December 2019

Hi everyone,

Greetings from lonavala and myself Eliyah. I hope everyone is doing good ? Yes, i am doing good by the grace of God. This past month has been really blessing and also at the same time its been a tough month. Lot of decision to make and also see what God has for me in the coming year 2020.

I just want to begin my blog for this month with just telling how great ful i am and write what God has done in the year 2019. i was truly blessed in the year 2019. i just want start with, God has been faithful to me and also having mercy on my life and blessing me in every step of my life. I am so thankful that God took me to Thailand and gave opportunity for me to invest in my brothers and sisters in Thailand. I am really blessed to staff in creative DTS and help the students to chase God and run after their dreams. I am also blessed to have the best family in this world that is KHOME, i love each one of you guys. I am also thankful that God has protected me through the year and washing all my sins and having grace on my life.

This past month i have been busy with hospitality incharge. My job is to make sure that all the speakers and guest who come to the base are well treated and they have good place to stay. I also look after the housing in the campus for schools and students that come in our base. Its really tough job but at the same time it has been going well. I also wash clothes, blankets and etc that is part of hospitality. I try my best to improve the base housing and see that the speakers, guest, and students are happy with housing. We also had our income generation that is IG DAY in our campus and i mean it was not that interesting like before but it was successful. I have been also working with seminar in the campus. We had three seminar in this past one month. It was really busy and also fun working by cooking food for 100 to 150 people. This past month i have been serving a lot which i enjoyed a lot because that is what Jesus taught me and also my parents. Be a blessing to others because i have been blessed a lot.

To end my blog i just want to encourage whoever is reading this that this Christmas be a blessing to others because God blessed us so much. What i learnt this year was that never except for something return. Bless others and God will bless you surely. God bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020.


Sunday, 10 November 2019

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Lonavala and myself. I hope everyone is doing well and I am doing really well this past month. I don’t know this past month has been really awesome. The reason is that God is at the centre of my life and God is really moving in the areas that I wanted him to move. I have been working really hard this past month and it’s been really fun. One thing is that I believe that my God is so faithful and I am so honoured to call Him my father, even when I was going through hard times, He was there with me. 

This past month I have been given the responsibility of working in the hospitality in the campus of Lonavala. It’s been so far good. My job is to take care of all the speakers for the school and also all the guest that come and stay in our base. I make sure that they have good time in the base.  Its tiring job but I believe that “whatever I do, I do it for the Glory of God and not for myself”. This past month I also got an opportunity to preach in a church in Lonavala. I shared about “God is better”. The reason I shared was that God was better in my life and that He loves me so much no matter, what happens.

God has been really faithful in my life; the reason is that I got an opportunity to start coaching in INS (Indian naval service). So, far I have 6 students and I believe that more will come. I really enjoyed coaching these kids. I have been praying and God has answered my prayer. I was patience waiting on God to say yes. This past month, we had sports day in our campus and I was the coordinator and I really enjoyed how the people turned up and they enjoyed a lot. I was really happy with everything that happened this past month. Even though we all want to win but my focus this sports day was that everyone gets to play enjoy the day.

This past month has been really fruitful and God’s faithfulness. I have been really busy every day and just even playing football with my friends at the campus and the worship and intercession that happen and just keeping God at the centre of our life, really make a lot of difference. Everything happens when we have close relationship with the Lord, not just one day but everyday. I am learning a lot of new things that God is showing me this past month. God is good all the time.

Thank you


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Hi everyone,

Greetings from lonavala and myself. I hope you guys had a beautiful month and i hope you guys are doing Good. Yes i am doing good by the grace of God. It has been a meaningful month for me and i am happy that God is moving and speaking to me personally. This past month i have been praying and just meditating on the word of God and its been amazing. God has also been so faithful towards me in many ways.

This past month i have been just helping around in the campus in lonavala and also just planning for the sports and fitness DTS. I also attained staff training in the campus for one week and it was really helpful and meaningful. We had a lot of topics covered in just one week. One of the things that i do in the campus is help when there is a seminary, it is really tough but i love doing it even though its hard labor. When i am free i play football with the guys in the campus and keep my body fit and keep my mind fresh. For me personally when i have a bad day or just life is not going in the right way, i start playing football to get those things out of my mind and be free but first I run to God and than play.

I also want to share that, its not confirmed but its on the process. I got this offer to start coaching soccer(football) in INS( Indian nave service ). Soon i will be coaching kids and its all God moving and i believe He is at the center of all this. Its a big miracle, I have been praying to coach somewhere and God opened a new Door.

This past month i have been reading a lot about Joseph and king David because lot of people have been speaking or spoken over me. Its one way encouraging and the other way is challenging to walk or be like Joseph and King David. God also spoke to me that i need to wait for the dreams and vision to be fulfilled. All this happen when we have a very close relationship with the Lord and be faithful no matter what you you have been in the past. I will be straight forward, i was not faithful and truth to God and my parents but God was faithful to me even when i was going to do sin.

This month, my blog is a little bit short but it was more personal with the Lord and i was just getting right with God and hearing him more than me asking or speaking. He has been speaking a lot in the secret place. If you guys are going through the way i was going, run to the secret place and talk to your Heavenly Father and God will hear you and answer you. If God can help me, for sure God will help you guys.

Thank you
( A man after Gods own heart )

Monday, 9 September 2019

Hi everyone,

Greetings from lonavala and myself. I hope everyone is blessed this past month. I have been really blessed this past month. I mean its been mix feeling of what i am going to do because i had so much doubt but in the mix of this i believe that my God is in control and he is leading me in the right path. I had mix feeling of whether to stay in mumbai or go back to lonavala to start Sports ministry school. I believe that at this time of my life i need to be in lonavala and start small and God will eventually make it big somewhere else. This past week has been tough but i believe that when it gets tough, God wants to do something, i might not see it now but i believe it will happen in the days to come.

This past month i have been at home that is Bangalore. I have been helping my brothers and sister cafe that is DAILY BEAN. It was good time with my family. But the best part was having the boys day out with my mom. After that i went to mumbai for two weeks and was spending some time with my leader and praying and seeing what was next for my life apart from that i went to kerala for one week and the trip to kerala was really awesome. It was first time for me in kerala and its a beautiful state. I was surprised, its like a whole new country. I just love the food. It was very tasty and the people are very different.

I went to a lot of places, i cant remember the names because its too long. More than that my leader and me got lot of opportunity to pray for different people and my leaders family. But one family really got my eyes was with the old lady who was 85 years old and she told that since her house was bad in condition and she told that no matter where you live and what house you live in because when you die the house, clothes, money, etc will  not go with you. She told that  your heart should be clean and are you  living for Jesus that matters at the end of your life. It was challenge for me. Over all the trip to kerala was amazing. I also got an opportunity to attained a wedding in kerala. I am really surprised how the wedding is done in kerala. I also got an opportunity to share my testimony on Sunday and challenge the youth to setup and do the impossible.


Right now i am in lonavala planning to run a sports and fitness dts and also SMS. I am planning to go to Japan next month if i get my visa for a sports gathering and from there i will move forward. I believe that God is at the centre of everything that i am doing and it comes with the quite time with the Lord. So put God first and everything will fall at the right places.

Thank you

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Mumbai and myself eliyah. I  hope everyone is doing great by the grace of God. i am doing really good. this past month has been a resting time with my family back in Bangalore. right now i just moved to Mumbai, its been now one week that i am in Mumbai and i am loving it even though it's a rainy season. i am so thankful to God the way God is moving in my life right now. i am excited to see what God is going to do in Mumbai through our team even as we are getting ready to start the house of prayer and also different schools. we as a team believe that God is at the centre of everything we are doing in Mumbai. If God tells us to move, we move. If God tell tells us to stop or wait, we are ready to listen to him.

I just want to tell what I was just doing this past month. I was in Bangalore for this past month and I was just resting and being with my family. Because family come before ministry. I had a beautiful time with my family. Family is a place where you are refreshed and loved more. its also like my battery got recharged fully. i also got an opportunity to work in my brothers and sisters cafe that is DAILY BEAN. brothers and sisters who are in Bangalore please do go and check out the DAILY BEAN cafe, you guys will love it. i was really happy to help them and be part of it. right before i left Bangalore, my mom had this sons party and it was really awesome time with food, indoor and outdoor games like fuse-ball and football.

I am in Mumbai now and God is so good to me in every step of my life. When I was having Quite  time with the Lord, he gave this passage to me its taken from LUKE 8:3-21, it talks about the seeds. The farmer throws the seed on rocky ground, thorns, and good soil. God told me that we are the seed and God told me that he has thrown us in Good soil in Mumbai and there is going to be a lot of Good fruits that is going to come from Mumbai. i was really encourage. right now its like we are praying for God to move. we might not see the fruit right now but God is telling us to stay strong and the fruit will come in its time. 

To end my blog I just want to encourage you guys that God has put you in places for a purpose and be patience and God will bring the fruit. Don't be discouraged but have faith in God. There will be a season of nothing but there will be a season where there is so much that you cannot take it, believe in God and Don’t leave Him.

Thank you

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Hello everyone,

 Praise to God. I hope everyone is doing well by the grace of God. Yes I am doing really well. I have been really blessed this past one year. God has been walking with me in every step of my life. Even for my future plan, I believe that God is at the centre of it. I will wait on God for the right time. Our school CREATIVE DTS has finally finished after nine months. I was the leader for the sports track and I am really happy that it went really well. Yes all the students graduated and now they are back home chasing their dreams and passion that God has place in their life, whether it is working in YWAM or in their home town. God has blessed me a lot this past nine months by letting me go to Thailand for two months and see what God is doing in Thailand, it was the best experience I had so far. Just the culture and people in Thailand.This year our school has written songs in thirteen languages, it’s amazing to see what God is doing in this generation.

Right now I am in Bangalore with my family for two months before heading to Mumbai. This past month one of our brothers got married and it was beautiful wedding. At the present I am working in DAILY BEAN CAFÉ which is run by my brothers and sister. I am also overseeing the new site where the DAILY BEAN CAFÉ is going to shift next month. I am just checking whether the workers are doing and also if the work is finishing. For me personally it’s a learning time and its going really awesome. Even though working in a café is not my passion or my strong point, but I believe that “whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”  Not only am working but also meeting my family members and close friends. Meeting them and talking to them has been really good.

Next month, I will be moving to Mumbai because our school CREATIVE DTS is moving to Mumbai. For me personally I am really excited for what God has in stored for me and also for my team members. There are so many things to be done, at this moment I need to listen to God more than human advice or thoughts. Even before I end my blog for this month I just want to say that God is in control of my life and I believe that there is so much God wants to do in my life and I am ready to listen to God and walk in his path.

 Thank you

 Eliyah ( BLESSEDMAN )

Monday, 10 June 2019

Hi  everyone,

Greetings from Lonavala and Creative DTS. Before I could share about what God has been doing in my life in the past month. I just want to share about how God was so faithful and how God was providing for me personally in Thailand and also in India. The reason why God is faithful and also providing is that I have been praying a lot and most of it was the close relationship in the quite place with God on regular bases. I believe and it’s really true that when you or I give God our time and spend time with God, for sure God will look at that and he will be pleased and ready to do things not what we planned but what God planned before we were born. I am just amazed to see what God has done in Creative DTS and How God was moving in each of our student’s life and how they are changed and running after God’s presence.

As you all know that my outreach was in Thailand and it was the best outreach I have experienced in a long time. It was totally different outreach than Nepal but I believe that God was teaching me so many lessons like being humble as a leader, being flexible, learning different culture, waiting on God, Not to give up even when things don’t go my way. God has been speaking to me a lot from the bible verse PSALMS 37:7 it talks about “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him”.  It was tough for me at the beginning but now I give everything to God and I let God do things in my life now. I am just going to wait on God and I know he will do things in His time and at the right time. Thailand was amazing. We have done lot of mercy ministry, just helping in the farm and schools and also teaching English in schools. I am already missing Thailand. The food is amazing, its mind blowing.  The people are very friendly and welcoming. We also played football and coached football to kids in Thailand. 

The six teams that went to outreach in India, Nepal, and Thailand from Creative DTS have finally finished their outreach and are back for their graduation. Every team had different stories of how God was moving in their team and also personally. There were a lot of changes in the student’s life and I believe that God was on the move in each team. Every student has been graduated and it’s sad to say goodbye to them but I believe that God is going to use each one of them to fulfill God vision and his calling. I miss each one of them. Can’t wait to hear stories of the students of what God will be doing in their life and ministries.

I am back to Bangalore to take rest for few weeks and my next home will be Mumbai. I am really excited for what God is going to do in Mumbai and I am nervous and scared because it’s a new pace for me and I am ready to face any challenges that will come my way because I know that God is fighting my battle. I am also going to start a football club in Mumbai called YWAM UNITED FC. I am really excited. It’s just the beginning of what God is doing. If anyone wants to know more, please come to Mumbai and experience it.